Faculty List

First Name Last Name Degree(s) Research E-mail
Anshu Agrawal Ph.D. CD95, apoptosis memory CD4+, CD8+ T cells aagrawal@uci.edu
Aileen Anderson Ph.D. Development of Anatomy and Neurobiology aja@uci.edu
Rosa M. Andrade M.D. Role of T.gondii antioxidant systems in host parasite interactions rmandra1@uci.edu
Tallie Z. Baram M.D., Ph.D. Pediatrics, Anatomy & Neurobiology, Neurology, Physiology & Biophysics tallie@uci.edu
Lbachir BenMohamed Ph.D. Clinical immunology, humoral and cellular immune responses lbenmoha@uci.edu
Alexander D. Boiko Ph.D. Cancer, Stem Cells, Tumor Initiating Cells, Melanoma, Neural Crest, Tumor Heterogeneity aboiko@uci.edu
Matthew Blurton-Jones Ph.D. Development of Neurobiology and Behavior mblurton@gmail.com
Michael Buchmeier Ph.D. Viral biology and pathogenesis, structural and functional proteomics of viruses, and biodefense related pathobiology m.buchmeier@uci.edu
Amanda Burkhardt Ph.D. Vaccine immunology, adjuvant mediated modulation of the immune system, Toll-Like Receptor against immunology, chemokine biology burkhara@uci.edu
Michael Cahalan Ph.D. Ion Channels, Calcium signaling, Lymphocyte Activation, Two-photon microscopy mcahalan@uci.edu
Dan M. Cooper M.D. Immune function and excersize, cytokines, leukocytes, inflammation and pediatric pulmonology. dcooper@uci.edu
Xing Dai Ph.D. epithelial stem cells, EMT, epigenetics, inflammatory skin diseases, breast cancer xdai@uci.edu
Michael Demetriou M.D., Ph.D. T cell dysfunction in autoimmunity, T cell activation and glycoimmunolgy mdemetri@uci.edu
Philip Felgner Ph.D. Infectious disease & cancer immunology, gene therapy and DNA vaccines pfelgner@uci.edu
Angela Fleischman M.D., Ph.D. agf@uci.edu
Donald Forthal M.D. Infectious Diseases, Medicine, Virology, Antibody, Antibody-Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity, HIV,immunogentics dnfortha@uci.edu
David Fruman Ph.D. Lymphocyte, signal transduction, leukemia, lymphoma, activation, kinase, B cell, T cell, microarray dfruman@uci.edu
Sergei Grando M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc. IVIg protects target cells by up-regulating endogenous caspase and calpain inhibitors.Basic biology of the skin and mechanisms of autoimmune blistering disease. sgrando@uci.edu
Kim Green Ph.D. Neurobiology and Behavior kim.green@uci.edu
Milton Greenberg Ph.D. Physiology & Biophysics greenbem@uci.edu
Sudhir Gupta M.D., Ph.D. Lymphocyte aging, apoptosis, TNF, NF-kB, T cells,Signal Transduction, Memory T and B cells sgupta@uci.edu
Matthew Inlay Ph.D. Hematopoiesis, Stem Cell Biology, Immunology, Embryonic Development minlay@uci.edu
Kai Kessenbrock Ph.D. Biological Chemistry kai.kessenbrock@uci.edu
Young Kwon Ph.D. Gene Therapy, drug delivery, cancer kwonyj@uci.edu
Tom Lane Ph.D. tlane@uci.edu
Devon Lawson Ph.D. Physiology and Biophysics dalawson@uci.edu
Wendy Liu Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering wendy.liu@uci.edu
Melissa Lodoen Ph.D. Immunology, chronic pathogens, natural killer cells, mechanisms of parasite immune evasion. mlodoen@uci.edu
Francesco Marangoni Ph.D. f.marangoni@uci.edu
Ilhem Messaoudi Powers Ph.D. Viral pathogenesis, host defense, modulation of immunity by nutrition and aging, impact of the microbiome on immunity imessaou@uci.edu
Edward Nelson M.D. Cancer, Immunotherapy, Vaccines, Dendritic Cells enelson@uci.edu
Nick Pannunzio Ph.D. nrpann@hs.uci.edu
Eric Pearlman PhD, Director, Institute for Immunology Opthalmology, Immunology epearlma@uci.edu
Jennifer Prescher Ph.D. Chemical Biology, Organic and Synthetic jpresche@uci.edu
Andrea Tenner Ph.D. Phagocytosis, Complement, Alzheimer's Disease, Inflammation, Monocytes, Microglia atenner@uci.edu
Roberto Tinoco Ph.D. rtinoco@uci.edu
Richard A. Van Etten M.D., Ph.D. Leukemia, Lymphoma, Hematology and Oncology vanetten@uci.edu
Armando Villalta Ph.D. Immune cells, tissue injury and repair, muscular dystrophy armando.villalta@uci.edu
Craig Walsh Ph.D., Director, Multiple Sclerosis Research Center Adaptive Immunity, Lymphocyte Development, Lymphocyte Activation, Signaling, Cancer Immunology, Autoimmunity, Apoptosis, Multiple Sclerosis, Stem Cell Mediated Remyelinationines, Signaling, FADD cwalsh@uci.edu
Szu-Wen Wang PhD Engineering wangsw@uci.edu
Marian Waterman Ph.D. Wnt signaling, cancer, gene expression, development; intestine; stem cells; LEF and TCF transcription factors Regulation of gene expression by LEF/TCF?b-catenin complexes. mlwaterm@uci.edu
Zeba Wunderlich Ph.D. zeba@uci.edu
Weian Zhao Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Sciences weianz@uci.edu