Flow Cytometry Services

Please visit the new Flow Core website at https://sites.uci.edu/ififlowcore/.

The Institute for Immunology now offers latest in flow cytometry services at our Flow Core Facility. The facility provides the latest technology and professional technical assistance for flow cytometric analysis and sorting. Our suite of multi-parameter flow cytometers are well equipped for fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS) and emerging flow cytometry assays.

Our facility has the following instruments:

Amnis® ImageStream® Mark II Imaging Flow Cytometer

ImageStreamThis flow cytometer combines the phenotyping abilities of flow cytometry with the detailed imagery and functional insights of microscopy. It has excitation lasers at 405nm, 488nm and 642nm and allows for 12 high-resolution images of every event in the flow cell, including bright field, dark field and 10 fluorescent channels.

The instrument has multiple magnifications with 20X/40X/60X objectives (motorized and autofocused) along with an extended depth of field function using optics and algorithms to project structures within a cell into one focal plane (i.e., subcellular features, fluorescent in situ hybridization [FISH] spots, autophagy, nuclear translocation, etc). It is ideal for many applications including monitoring cell signaling and intensity, internalization, cell cycle, morphology, cell-cell interaction, co-localization and autophagy.

The instrument can run up to 5,000 cells/sec (ideal for rare cell analysis) and uses less volume and less waste. The fluidics system provides up to 95 percent sample utilization (for when you need every cell) or the ability to return the remaining sample for additional applications. It has numerous possible applications for qualitative and quantitative measurements (i.e. cell signaling and intensity, internalization, cell cycle, morphology, cell-cell interaction, co-localization, autophagy, etc). Data is analyzed using IDEAS® software, combining image analysis and statistical stringency, which is loaded on separate workstation. The instrument requires easy daily maintenance with automated start-up, QC and shutdown procedures.

ACEA NovoCyte™ Flow Cytometer

NovoCyteTMThis three-laser (405nm, 488nm and 640nm) flow cytometer has multiple bandpass filters for analysis of up to 13 parameters. With a large (7 logs) dynamic range, it makes photo multiplier tube (PMT) voltage adjustments unnecessary.

It comes with the user-friendly software that includes algorithms for autocompensation of samples, and it allows for analysis during sample acquisition or export of FCS files for analysis in other flow cytometry software such as Flowjo.

The instrument also is equipped with the NovoSampler™, an autosampler option that is compatible with standard 5ml sample tubes (24 tubes) or 24/96 well plates for high throughput analysis, allowing you to set up a plate and walk away during acquisition.

This instrument also will be used for single and multiplex cytokine analysis using commercially available kits for use in flow cytometry.

BD FACSAria™ Fusion Sorter

This fusion sorter combines state-of-the-art cell sorting with biosafety expertise, thereby allowing analysis of cells exposed to BSL2 virus, bacteria or fungi. The integrated biosafety cabinet protects the operator as well as the sample. The instrument is equipped with four lasers, making possible a total of 11 simultaneous colors. Instrument's temperature control system allowing for the cooling of the sort-and-collection device.

Meet our Flow Core manager

Dr. AtwoodJennifer Atwood, PhD, manages the Flow Core facility.

Atwood obtained her PhD (and a love of Ducks football) at the University of Oregon, where she investigated the effects of bacterial-host interactions on the development of the zebrafish gut. She transitioned into industry for post-doctoral work in immunology at Genentech Inc., where her research focused on dendritic cell maintenance of mucosal homeostasis in murine models of inflammatory bowel disease. [Bates et al. Mucosal Immunol 2015. 8: 414-28; The Journal of Pathology. 232(2):112-20].

She later joined CellSight Technologies, a start-up company in San Francisco, where she applied her immunology expertise to the development of non-invasive imaging probes for use in tracking immune cells in cancer immunotherapy applications, as well as other autoimmune disorders. Over the course of her career, she has become proficient in the use of numerous flow-cytometry platforms and continues to develop these skills with the latest instruments and emerging applications.

Atwood can be reached at 949-824-3431 or by email at jmatwood@uci.edu.

Using the instruments

To make reservations to use our instruments and for experiment consultation and assistance please email jmatwood@uci.edu.


Hourly Rates (User operated/Flow Core operated)

ImageStream: $40/$80

NovoCyte analyzer: $40/$60

FACSAria Fusion sorter: $40/$80