Ilhem Messaoudi Powers, Ph.D.


Dr. Messaoudi is a Professor in the Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and Director of the Center for Virus Research

Research Interests

Inflammation is a physiological process that occurs due to the presence of infection, or as a result of tissue injury. Throughout one’s life, your immune system is responsible for the identification of viruses, bacteria and other foreign invaders, some of which are eliminated, while others are controlled. The ability of our immune system to respond to microbial pathogens is influenced by several factors including age and nutrition. Moreover, several microbes can manipulate our immune system to establish a chronic infection or overwhelm it. The goals of research efforts in the Messaoudi’s laboratory is to understand how these factors impact the ability of the immune system to function adequately. More specifically, research in the Messaoudi lab is focused on three general areas: 1) impact of advanced age on immune fitness and ability to respond to infection; 2) Modulation of immune function by alcohol use disorder and obesity; and 3) Subversion of the immune system by viruses.



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